Seeking a touch of bliss in the bustling heart of San Francisco? Look no further. Unless you are standing on a steep hill, in that case, you might have to look up…or down. But, all geographical incline queries aside, Pipeline Dispensaries has got you covered. From North Beach to the Sunset District, we’re the cannabis dispensary near you that never disappoints.

Our stores, niche and nifty, are as innately San Francisco as the Golden Gate Bridge, clam chowder, and activists wielding “free hugs” signs. Not to mention, our top-shelf marijuana range will give you the feeling of an ultimate Californian surf ride, without the pesky risk of a shark attack.

Pipeline Dispensaries are the heartthrob of the San Francisco marijuana dispensary scene. We have quality, character, and we’ve got killer cannabis! So, whether you’re in North Beach pondering over bear-shaped sourdough bread or trying to figure out which one is Karl (the fog, obviously!) in Sunset District, remember, we’re just a stroll away.

Find your zen with us, because we’re far cooler than that hipster you met in The Mission (and we don’t even wear flannels).

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