Welcome to MMD Shops, the green heart of Southern California’s vibrant cannabis scene. MMD Shops was founded in the good old days of 2006. Yes, that’s right – we were here even before the 2008 LeBron vs. Kobe debates!

As a pioneer in serving up Los Angeles’ best deals on cannabis, we might even put our LA Lakers love to shame. We’ve been blitzing the competition across our four convenient locations – so every weed lover in LA can find an outlet (much like seeking the nearest In-N-Out after a night out!).

We don’t just sell cannabis; we’re committed to giving you the full Californication experience. Picture waves crashing on Venice Beach, the Hollywood sign hanging gloriously in the background… and you’re probably holding a burrito. Now add to that image a top-notch, responsibly sourced spliff from MMD Shops – that’s the SoCal dream, baby!

Whether you’re in Hollywood, Venice, Long Beach, or downtown, MMD Shops is your must-visit sanctuary for all things cannabis. So, leave that Kombucha aside and come join our green revolution!

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