Rooted in the community of Brownlee Park, MI, The Cake House Battle Creek is on a mission to redefine the cannabis industry through quality, variety, and unrivaled customer service. Led by a dedicated team of minorities and women, we’re proud to provide an inclusive atmosphere encouraging broader perspectives and innovative solutions.

A Reminder of Our Classic Atmosphere

Our retail shop in Brownlee Park, MI, echoes the warmth and diversity that we stand for. With a comforting setting reminiscent of the old mom-and-pop shops, The Cake House Battle Creek holds a treasure trove of cannabis products sourced from reliable, ethical growers across the state.

Dispensary Near You – Simplifying Your Search

We know that convenience is paramount for our customers, hence we work tirelessly to ensure that the products you love are always within easy reach. Whether it’s a dispensary near you in Springfield, MI, or Marshall, MI, The Cake House Battle Creek is all about location and accessibility.

The Cake House Battle Creek – Welcome to a Higher Standard

We aim to elevate the cannabis experience and help our customers navigate through the vast world of cannabis. Our knowledgeable sales team is always ready to answer your questions, guide you towards the best products for your needs, and to ensure your visit to our marijuana store is a positive one.

Embark on your unique cannabis journey at The Cake House Battle Creek – where quality meets variety, and every customer leaves satisfied.

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