A leader among cannabis dispensaries, P37 Cannabis has been providing a diverse range of high-quality cannabis products to the residents of New Mexico. With an unwavering commitment to customer service, our team is dedicated to understanding and meeting our customers’ unique needs and preferences in Santa Fe, Gallup, and Las Cruces.

Our Operation

We operate within strict compliance with the state-sanctioned program guidelines. Making it a priority to ensure we meet the highest possible standards associated with cannabis cultivation, processing, and distribution. Transparency throughout all stages of this process is key to our success.

Our Products

At P37 Cannabis, we offer an extensive menu of high-grade, safe, and effective cannabis products, encompassing various strains, concentrations, and formats. These enable us to cater to a broad selection of needs and preferences for our cherished patrons.

From those in search of a calming, relaxing experience to those needing support for chronic pain management or other issues, P37 Cannabis is the trusted dispensary choice for residents throughout Santa Fe, Gallup, and Las Cruces.
Trust P37 Cannabis for your cannabis needs today, and rejoice at the difference we can make together.

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