Core Progression Personal Training has become a key player in the landscape of personal training, athletic training, and physical therapy in the U.S. Over the years, the brand has cultivated a reputation for delivering personalized fitness regimes, strategic athletic training, value-driven weight loss programs, and effective physical therapy across various locations including Boulder, CO, Arvada, CO, Austin, TX, Downtown Denver, CO & Northglenn, CO. The company’s unique strategy has led to significant market developments, providing them with several growth opportunities.

Personal Training

Core Progression takes pride in its personal training programs. Each program is customized to cater to an individual’s unique needs, ensuring every client receives the essential tools for achieving their desired fitness goals. The brand facilitates a comprehensive approach, recognizing the importance of nutrition alongside exercise. Providing this knowledge empowers their clients to make healthier choices and achieve more sustainable results.

Athletic Training

For sportspersons and athletes, Core Progression has specialized athletic training modules. These modules are designed to enhance performance, strength, and speed while minimizing the risk of injuries. The knowledgeable team utilizes best practices and techniques that not only improve an athlete’s performance but also significantly reduce recovery times.

Weight Loss Programs

Acknowledging the struggle many people face with weight loss, Core Progression has developed weight loss programs designed to foster positivity and inspire lasting change. The programs aim to combat the root causes of weight gain, incorporating both physical and emotional support into their strategy, and alleviating the stigma associated with weight loss.

Physical Therapy

Core Progression’s physical therapy services in Boulder, Arvada, Austin, Downtown Denver, and Northglenn offers a multi-faceted approach to recovery. Therapists work in tandem with clients, developing personalized programs that restore mobility, improve functionality, and encourage optimal body mechanics. The overall goal is not just to treat, but to educate and prevent further injuries.


Core Progression Personal Training continues to secure its position within the fitness industry through an unwavering commitment to personalized care. The expansive landscape of services and programs offer a range of opportunities for everyone, from beginners seeking a healthier lifestyle to seasoned athletes aiming to reach new performance highs. No matter your goals, they stand ready to support your journey towards overall wellness.

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