Your New Favorite Cannabis Dispensary: NOXX & Cookies!

If you’re in the Pleasant Ridge area or nearby, you’re in for a treat with NOXX & Cookies, a cannabis dispensary that’s not only providing top-quality products but also making significant strides in environmental sustainability. With four convenient locations across Grand Rapids, MI, and East Peoria, IL, NOXX is setting a new standard for eco-friendly practices in the cannabis industry.

Environmental Benefits of NOXX

1. Sustainable Packaging: NOXX has made a commitment to reduce plastic waste by using recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials for their products.

2. Energy Efficiency: All four NOXX locations utilize LED lighting and energy-efficient HVAC systems, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

3. Water Conservation: The company employs water-saving techniques in their cultivation processes, minimizing water waste.

4. Local Sourcing: By partnering with local growers, NOXX reduces transportation emissions and supports sustainable farming practices in the community.

5. Recycling Programs: NOXX encourages customers to participate in their recycling initiatives, offering incentives for returning packaging materials.

NOXX Locations

  • NOXX 28TH STREET: 2440 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
  • NOXX PLAINFIELD AVE.: 1234 Plainfield Ave Ne, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
  • COOKIES GRAND RAPIDS: 330 Ann Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
  • NOXX EAST PEORIA: 300 S Main St, East Peoria, IL 61611

By choosing NOXX as your cannabis dispensary, you’re not just getting high-quality products; you’re supporting a business that prioritizes environmental responsibility. Whether you’re visiting their Grand Rapids locations or the East Peoria store, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that NOXX is working hard to minimize its ecological impact.

Next time you’re in the mood for some top-shelf cannabis, consider stopping by one of NOXX’s four locations. You’ll not only enjoy premium products but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for the cannabis industry.

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